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Webasto Thermo Top C 12V Diesel Coolant Heater w/Installation Kit and Smartemp FX 2.0 Controller

The Webasto Thermo Top C is compact and reliable, utilizing proven technology with millions of units currently in use. Its high output in a small package makes it the perfect solution for engine pre-heating, fuel savigs and emission reduction.


Thermo Top Evo Benefits:  More flexible installation options:  Coolant inlet & outlet connections can be rotated  Longer fuel line length  Higher maximum combustion air temperature  Universal controller harness  1 standard, 4 available, mounting brackets  Blink code diagnostics  Quieter heater and fuel delivery operation Engine pre-heat, fuel savings and improve DPF performance As the industry leader in efficient thermo technologies, Webasto is committed to continuous advancements that improve equipment performance and occupant comfort. Therefore, we're pleased to introduce the Thermo Top Evo. Featuring advancements in the fuel delivery system, controls, diagnostics and flexible installation, the Thermo Top Evo improves the user experience and continues the Webasto heritage as a leader in idle-reduction, fuel efficiency and emission control.