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AftermarketPlastic Reservoir Tank, Volvo, with Sensor and Rad caps

Plastice Reservoir Tank, Volvo, with Sensor and RAd caps
  • Comes with reservoir cap
  • Resists the expansion and cracking that extreme temperature fluctuations can cause
  • Direct replacement for a proper fit every time
  • Quality tested to ensure trouble-free installation and performance
  • Cross Reference: 20968795, 20968847, 21000194, 21038101, 21067134, 21074555, 21074569, 21074569, 21314361, 21513975, 21846997, 22061290, 22564837, 376923031

AftermarketReservoir Tanks, Volvo, VN Series

Plastic OEM Replacement Reservoir Tank, Volvo VN 07-10 Related Parts: CACVO105,?RADVO104A,

Kenworth, Peterbilt, Reservoir Tanks, T800, W900

Plastic Aftermarket Replacement reservoir tank, Peterbilt, Kenworth Related Parts: CACPE108,?CONPE109,?RADPE111A,

Plastic Reservoir Tank International 3000-4000 series

Plastic Reservoir Tank International 3000-4000 series

Freightliner, Reservoir Tanks, M2

Plastic OEM replacement Reservoir tank, Freightliner M2, No Cap, No Sensor

Freightliner, Reservoir Tanks, Columbia, Century Class

Plastic Reservoir Tank; 2004-2009 Century, Columbia, CL112, CL120

Freightliner, Reservoir Tanks, Cascadia, Century Class, Classic, Classic XL

Plastic Reservoir Tank, Freightliner Cascadia Plastic Reservoir tank with radiator cap and sensor Related Parts: CACFR114,?CONFR109,?CONFR116,?RADFR120A,?RADFR121A,?RADFR123A,