Kenworth W900 / T600 / T800 (Bar&Plate) 82-07 Charge Air Cooler OEM: 4861905005

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Kenworth W900 / T600 / T800 (Bar&Plate) 82-07 Charge Air Cooler OEM: 4861905005 28.43 x 27.03 x 2.21

Kenworth W900, T600, T800 (Bar&Plate) 82-07 Charge Air/Cooler OEM: 4861905005 is a crucial component for maintaining optimal engine temperature. Learn more about its benefits and specifications here. With a 3.70 keyword density, this product is tailored to ensure superior cooling efficiency for your Kenworth truck, boosting its overall performance.

With a user-friendly design and easy installation process, the Kenworth W900, T600, T800 (Bar&Plate) 82-07 Charge Cooler OEM: 4861905005 guarantees a seamless experience for truck owners. Take advantage of its durable build and efficient cooling capabilities, allowing your vehicle to operate at its best even under demanding conditions. Our customers have praised its reliability and robust performance, ensuring that your investment is well-placed.

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Alternate Part Numbers: F3110351, D46001122, 4861900002, 4861900003, 4861905002, 4861905003, 1E3385, 1E3470, K09330, K09364, K09364B, K09364D, 44012502, SPI44012502, 44012507, KO9330, KO9364, KO9364B, KO9364D, 4861900005, E311035, 084Q6718700, 85103371, 10117V9734, IE3470, IE3385, K09364C, KO9364C, 297T6718700, SPI44012507, CA2066, PC2946, REA611016, RHT005, KEDAC12B, DURKEDAC12B, DHTKE12B, DHT12B, 374112B, KW12B, SRMKW12B, 44KW12B, 17V9734, HDH010258, FLX010304, 4861905005, K09394, F311035, F3110351EXCH, KEN16506, KEN16506N, KEN16506ED, 441103, 61-1016BP

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