Freightliner Fld120 Ac Condenser OEM: 6808300370



When it comes to maintaining your Freightliner Fld120, having an authentic and reliable AC condenser is crucial. At our store, we offer the premium OEM 6808300370 AC condenser designed specifically for your Freightliner Fld120. With a strong focus on durability and efficiency, this AC condenser ensures top-notch cooling performance, guaranteeing a comfortable and smooth ride in any weather condition.

We understand the significance of using genuine parts, especially when it comes to your vehicle’s performance and longevity. That’s why our Freightliner Fld120 AC_condenser is carefully crafted to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless functionality. With our product, you can be confident that your Freightliner Fld120’s AC system will operate at its best, providing you with the cooling you need during long drives and hot summers.

In addition to its impeccable performance, our OEM 6808300370 AC condenser boasts a robust build that can withstand various environmental conditions and rigorous usage. Say goodbye to worries about subpar cooling and embrace a reliable and efficient AC system with our top-of-the-line Freightliner Fld120 AC_condenser.

Enhance your driving experience and maintain the quality of your Freightliner Fld120 with our premium AC condenser. Order now to enjoy a smooth and cool ride wherever you go. With our OEM 6808300370 AC condenser, you can trust that your comfort and satisfaction are in good hands.

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Alternate Part Numbers: 1140605, PT40605P, 6127, 6808300070, 2430295, 40605, 1140605, 2430295, K1599011, 1599011, 160049, 3501701, 6127, PA1570, 040605, 40605, 1140605, PT40605, PT40605P, 040605, 650605, C60034, 79007, SPI79007, 19836S, BOA19836S, HDH010043, 351318251, ABPN83306280, N83306280, 3101011TC, 6808010070, 6808300070, 6808300370, A6808300370, CON0008, 32-0979

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