Freightliner 92-99 A/Cond(29x10x2) Ac Condenser OEM: 22-39302-001

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In the bustling world of heavy-duty trucks, a reliable condenser is indispensable. The Freightliner Condenser, model C-PT40607P / HDH010047, is a powerful solution designed to meet the cooling demands of robust trucks. Engineered for durability and optimal performance, this condenser ensures your heavy-duty truck stays at an optimal temperature even in the most demanding conditions.

Crafted with high-quality materials and precision engineering, the Freightliner Condenser is a testament to reliability and efficiency. Its seamless integration with Freightliner heavy-duty trucks guarantees an enhanced cooling system, safeguarding the engine’s performance and longevity. With this condenser, you can rest assured that your truck’s cooling needs are taken care of, enabling you to focus on the task at hand without any worries.

Equipped with the latest cooling technology, the C-PT40607P / HDH010047 model optimizes the truck’s overall efficiency, contributing to smoother operations and extended vehicle lifespan. With its sturdy build and cutting-edge design, this condenser is a valuable investment for any heavy-duty truck owner or fleet manager.

Invest in the reliable Freightliner Condenser today to ensure your heavy-duty truck operates at its peak performance, no matter the load or the terrain. It’s time to experience enhanced cooling efficiency and prolonged engine life with the premium C-PT40607P / HDH010047 model.

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Alternate Part Numbers: 650607, 2450473, 040607, 40607, PT40607P, 9240607, SCSI9240607, MVA19231, K1512002, 1512002, PA1560, 6200, 19757S, B0A19757S, 3501706, 9140607, 79009, SPI79009, HDH010047, 3100911TC, 351318241, 2232466001, N83306190, BB19757, 19757S, A040697, 22-32466-001, 22-39302-001, 6808300070, 1140607, PT40607, C-PT40607, C-PT40607P, 1000039654, 1512018, 160209, TC40607, 2430473, CD40607, 52002, 740607, C60000, A010697, ABPN83190, MVA1-9231, CON0012, 32-0956

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