Chevrolet / Gmc Kodiak / Topkick Multiple Radiator- OEM: 52473581

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In the realm of heavy-duty truck maintenance, having a reliable radiator is crucial. Our top-notch OEM radiator, the 52473581 for Chevrolet GMC Kodiak/Topkick, ensures unmatched durability and superior performance. Built to withstand rigorous conditions, this radiator is a game-changer for those seeking optimal functionality for their heavy-duty vehicles. With its exceptional heat dissipation properties and robust design, this radiator is a must-have for truck owners aiming for seamless operations on the road. Benefit from its efficiency and reliability, ensuring that your Chevrolet GMC Kodiak/Topkick stays cool and runs at its best even under the most demanding circumstances.

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Alternate Part Numbers: 52473581, GMC10, CVTU62352, CVTU62353, 5800-10ST, 437350S, 42-10033

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Warranty: 2 Years

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