Chevrolet / Gmc Kodiak / Topkick/ Bus Chassis 97-02 Radiator- OEM: 52380669

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Chevrolet / GMC Kodiak / Topkick/ Bus Chassis 97-02 Radiator- OEM: 52380669, is a crucial component for these vehicle models. When it comes to ensuring optimal performance and maintaining the right temperature, this OEM radiator stands out as a reliable choice. Designed specifically for the Chevrolet, GMC Kodiak, Topkick, and Bus Chassis produced between 1997 and 2002, it guarantees a seamless fit and efficient cooling.

Equipped with advanced technology and built to stringent standards, the OEM 52380669 Radiator ensures durability and longevity, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners. With its robust construction and superior cooling capabilities, it optimizes the engine’s performance and prevents potential overheating issues.

Engineered to meet the highest industry benchmarks, this radiator offers a perfect solution for maintaining the optimum temperature for your Chevrolet, GMC Kodiak, Topkick, or Bus Chassis. Don’t compromise on the quality of your vehicle’s radiator—choose the OEM 52380669 Radiator for long-term reliability and top-notch performance.

Take advantage of this durable, high-performance radiator to keep your Chevrolet, GMC Kodiak, Topkick, or Bus Chassis running smoothly and efficiently. Trust in the OEM 52380669 Radiator to deliver the cooling efficiency and reliability you need for your vehicle.

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Alternate Part Numbers: 52380669, 41-2460, 41-2460

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Warranty: 2 Years

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