Aerolyn 4000 Air Heater Pro – Efficient Heating for Vehicles & Boats


The Aerolyn 4000 air heaters provide an independent heat source without the need for idling the engine. The heaters integrate seamlessly with the vehicles’ existing fuel and power systems, quietly providing a comfortable environment in the cabin, sleeper, and cargo compartment. The heaters can be widely applied to diesel vehicles: trucks, vans, buses, RVs, construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and boats – all benefit from the reliable heat source during cold weather.

• Fast, reliable heating for cabin and compartment in cold weather.
• Defrost windshield using existing vehicle venting systems.
• Lower fuel costs by working independently from engines and eliminating engine idling for heat.
• Low energy consumption, high efficiency, and quiet operation.
• Integrated with security protection and self-diagnosis functions.
• Normal operation at 3000 meters elevation and other harsh conditions.

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